Tuesday, April 20, 2021

 Not much exciting has happened here over the last couple of days. K and L went back to school yesterday, D had an inset day and today finished at 11.00 so not a full day for her till tomorrow.

Yesterday D and I went into one of our local towns, Newton Abbot, to have a look in a few charity shops and run some errands. The shops were pretty quiet but there was nothing of much interest. I avoided looking at the books as I am still working through a big pile from the Library and my Sister gave me a bag full last weekend.  All I picked up was a nice short sleeved linen shirt for Hubby. We grabbed a coffee and sat in a nice seating area, slightly tucked away, and enjoyed the sunshine.

After school L was back to gymnastics for the first time since the middle of December which she was pleased about.

Today I have been for a nice long walk, got the girls bedding washed and dried outside, given the kitchen a thorough clean and now K is at Guides via Zoom in our kitchen!

Daughter S got home late afternoon for a couple of nights as she has a hospital appointment tomorrow and a doctors appointment on Thursday so no doubt we shall fit in a coffee and a walk somewhere tomorrow.

My DBS arrived in the post today so everything's moving in the right direction with my new job which I should be starting on May 4th, all being well.

I think that's all for now.

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