Sunday, February 14, 2021

 I don't know where the rest of the week went - suddenly its Sunday!.  We have obviously still been cracking on with the home schooling in the mornings, usually manage to finish by early afternoon, then a walk around our village.  We've had to really push ourselves with going for our walk this week as it has been so bitterly cold.  

On Wednesday we had some more books to collect from the Library so we combined that trip with a bit of food shopping and a walk around our local town for a change. On Friday I met a friend for a walk who I haven't seen since before Christmas so it was lovely to have a good catch up.  

I've done a lot of reading over the last week or so.  The book by Sarah Moss was disappointing, it just didn't seem to have much substance so I skim read that over a couple of evenings but I'm really enjoying 'Saving Missy'.  

I've been wanting to make cheese scones for a couple of days but had run out of butter after K made plain scones and D made millionaires shortbread and then this morning I remembered Id printed out a recipe months ago for 3 ingredient cheese scones.  They just use self raising flour, grated cheese and natural yoghurt. D made them for lunch and they were delicious.  During lockdown the girls like to have a bit of a spread for lunch on a Sunday.  I have managed to eke out the last boxes of party food I bought for Christmas so today it was the cheese scones, crackers and a cheeseboard, sausage rolls (made by K)  some assorted vol a vents and kettle crisps. For dinner tonight I made a chicken and mushroom pie or it might have been turkey - I'm not very good at labelling before I put stuff in the freezer!

Well Dancing on Ice has almost finished so I will be able to reclaim the TV from youngest Daughter L, shortly.  I've got a bit behind with my viewing this week, I don't really know why, so tonight I want to watch Devon and Cornwall from Monday night.  Although its now half term we have to unfortunately be up early tomorrow as a chap is coming to do some plastering for us and the boiler is being serviced.  We shall leave Hubby overseeing all this and try and occupy ourselves for a few hours walking somewhere until its safe to come home.  The rest of the week we shall just take as it comes.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

 The days seem to drift by quite quickly considering not much is happening.  On Saturday it was nice and sunny in the morning so after lunch we decided to travel a short distance to our nearest National Trust property and walk around the grounds.  The car park was nearly empty and we passed very few people whilst out.  It was a good job we packed wellies as it was very muddy and then about half way around our walk it started raining.  It was good to get out somewhere different but I seem to spend a lot of time trying to dry lots of coats where we keep getting caught in rain! 

On Sunday we skyped Hubby's sister who lives in Spain and had a catch up and then afterwards we skyped eldest Daughter.  She is in her last year of a midwifery degree and this last year is mostly spent on placement at several different hospitals.  She has been very busy as the lockdown baby boom is kicking in, and has delivered a lot of babies so far this term. She lives just outside Bath sharing a house with a friend who is also a midwifery student.  She is doing well but it is hard not knowing when we will be able to see her next.

The last couple of days have been bitterly cold but we have still broken up the home schooling by going out for a walk. I finished the second Celia Anderson book over the weekend - I can highly recommend both - and have now started this one. My pile of books to be read is slowly getting smaller!

Hubby has just got in from work.  He is busy refurbishing our en suite so I am sure the noise and mess will start shortly. Meanwhile, I shall go and make a start on dinner. K has guides on zoom at 6.30 so we need to be a bit more organised on Tuesday evenings!

Friday, February 5, 2021


The Last Few Days

The last few days seem to have gone surprisingly quickly considering not much is happening.  The weather here on Wednesday was lovely and sunny so when we went on our walk, as well as taking the scooters, we took a frisbee and spent a good hour at our village park.  We had a play and I bumped into a couple of people I knew so it was nice to have some grown up conversation.

Yesterday was mainly wet. I met a friend for a walk around our village which was lovely and we had a good catch up but I was absolutely drenched by the time I got home.  In the evening I finished my book and started this one which follows on. The first one was really good and after only reading the first chapter of this one its just as good. I've also managed a bit more knitting. Its going well apart from when I somehow gained a stitch! 

This afternoon we had a trip to our local town as D had some library books she'd ordered to collect.  We combined our trip with some grocery shopping and a scooter around a different park for our daily exercise.  I'm not sure how we will occupy ourselves this weekend.  For a change we may go to our other local town in the other direction and have a walk along the beach. I shall have to check tide times.

Tonight, I'm looking forward to watching the second part of Death in Paradise and finishing The Bay.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021


This and That

Nothing much going on here in South Devon.  I try and get home schooling with youngest done by early afternoon, then it usually fits in with D and K's timetable that we can then get out for our daily walk. Yesterday it was windy with mizzly rain so we got pretty wet but it makes us feel better getting the exercise and fresh air.  Today was much brighter after lunch although its now back to being wet.  

Yesterday I made a start on the dishcloth I have decided to knit. Jo at 'through the keyhole' put me on to this.  You can download a different dish cloth pattern each month from 'the kitchen sink shop' and they are simple knits. I am an amateur knitter so thought this sounded like a nice relaxing activity.  For this pattern as long as you can do knit and purl you'll be fine. So far there are no holes!

K had food tech for two hours on Teams this morning so dinner is sorted for us tonight - pizza and dough balls, so I have a night off cooking.  However, the mess to clear up after the lesson was unbelievable which I was left with as she had to move on to her next lesson!

Well I'm going to try and knit a few more rows before dinner.

 Another week gone by in a blur of school and work. The Thursday before last, once I had finished work at 12, I met two friends at our villa...