Sunday, May 9, 2021

 Well it's been a very days since i've posted but to be honest, now that the girls are all back at school, life is pretty mundane.  I spend a fair bit of time taking and collecting from school - they are all at different ones - and a couple of after school clubs have restarted so that involves driving around. The highlight of this week was that L had her haircut after school on Friday.  I have had to snip at the fringe a few times to keep it out of her eyes but it was in desperate need of a good tidy up.  My cut and colour is booked for the 19th which I cannot wait for - a nice bit of pampering.

On Saturday, we went over to Torquay.  We parked up at Meadfoot Beach and had a car picnic, due to the weather, and then had a very blustery walk all along the front.  It was nice to get out for some fresh air and exercise.





I've finished my last book, which was really good, and have now just started this one by Kate Atkinson.


Tuesday, I start my new job which is exciting and nerve wracking in equal measures!. I shall need to be organised as I need to leave the house at 7.45. Hubby will be working from home Tuesdays so that he can do school drop offs/collection as I won't finish till 5.00. We are also having work done on three of our trees, which are all protected, having finally got planning permission.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

 Well it hasn't been a particularly exciting couple of days. Yesterday, Daughter D finished school at 11.15 so I picked her up and we went into Newton Abbot.  I had two books to drop back to the library and two to collect and a voucher to spend in Boots.  We had a look in a few charity shops but there was nothing that took our fancy so we just got a hot drink which we sat in the car and had as it was just too cold to sit outside.

Today, I've done pottering at home and been out for a long walk.  I have also started a new book which so far is very good. In fact, all the books I have read this year from the library have been good. There has not been a single one that I have started and then not been able to get into it. Most of the books I reserved have either been recommended on someones blog or in the book section of one of the glossy magazines I subscribe to. 

Tomorrow I am meeting a friend for coffee. Her eldest Daughter is good friends with D so I have known her many years since we used to go to playgroup together.  She has remarried in the last few years and now in addition to her older two girls has two young boys who are almost three and 6 months old. The youngest one I have not even met yet so I am looking forward to our get together.

Monday, May 3, 2021

 Very disappointingly we did not get the promised sunshine yesterday. It was dull and overcast and we had rain in the afternoon.  D needed to be dropped off at a friends in Teignmouth after lunch so we decided to have a walk. 



 We had just set off when it started raining. Luckily we were walking down through some lovely ornate gardens with plenty of overhanging trees so we were able to shelter from the worst of it. The gardens are so pretty with little bridges and lovely planting. By the time we reached the seafront the rain had stopped and it had brightened up' so first stop was a little cafe we like called 'The Cherry on The Top' for two ice creams and two cappucinos. We managed to find a dryish bench up on the seafront and sat a while just enjoying the view. Surprisingly, I'm guessing due to the weather, there didn't seem to be many holidaymakers about, in fact it all seemed pretty quiet.  We walked to the end of the front to the point carpark and down onto what is known as back beach as we have had a resident seal living on the beach for a few weeks.  Unfortunately he must have gone for a swim because he wasn't there.

In the evening Hubby cooked a BBQ which was yummy and then we settled down to watch the final Line of Duty.  I'm not sure about the ending - I just don't see Buckles being H, he's just too wet!

This morning I had a text from Daughter S first thing to say she had just delivered baby number 37. She needs to have delivered 40 babies ideally to qualify and as her last placement that she is currently on is clinic based she is on call with a couple of hospitals to get her last few deliveries.

Today has been wet and windy so we have not done a lot except read and watch tv.  I am onto another book - The Godmothers was very good - which I am already halfway through. Well that is that - I am going to spend the evening quietly reading and making sure everyone has everything ready for school tomorrow.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

 Friday, we finally sorted out some replacement flooring for our kitchen.  The previous owner of our house had had commercial vinyl laid and it was stuck down with industrial adhesive. Unfortunately, this meant that when we had new vinyl laid 18 months ago it has slowly reacted to the adhesive that's left on the concrete floor and caused it to bubble up in various places. It look horrible and has been bugging me for months.  With the various lockdowns it has been difficult to sort out.  Our fitter that we use recommended a German vinyl called Gerflor which has a felt backing and he assures us we wont have the same problem. So, we dropped L at school and were at Trago Mills just after they opened as they are our local stockist. Trago Mills is an amazing place, which sells absolutely everything at rock bottom prices, and you can get some real bargains.  So the vinyl is in the garage and now we just have to arrange to get it fitted.

Today started off lovely and sunny so we decided to have a walk down through Happy Valley in our village and see the bluebells. We walked to the outskirts of our village and out past our old house, and then dropped down through the woods that are known as Happy Valley. The bluebells were amazing and it was a lovely walk. From there we walked to our playpark and got a cappuccino for me and two luxury hot chocolates for the girls. The hot chocolates are something else - whipped cream, mini marshmallows, mini toffee chunks, gold edible glitter and a flake! We spent a pleasant half hour sat in the sunshine and saw a friend of mine there so had a catch up with her and her husband.





This afternoon has been spent quietly reading whilst Hubby has finally started decorating the hall, stairs and landing. Tomorrow we are looking forward to the promised sunshine and sitting in the garden. The trouble with living on the coast is that bank holidays are a bit of a nightmare with such an influx of holidaymakers so we tend to think of quieter places to go. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

 A quiet couple of days and a real shock to have a damp day yesterday after all these dry weeks. Daughter S came back yesterday afternoon as she had her rescheduled hospital appointment first thing this morning. She didn't feel great after her appointment so we went into Newton Abbot and had the treat of a coffee out served in proper cups and saucers.  It was lovely although it would have been even better if  the sun had shone a bit more.

Having said the Louise Penny book was a bit slow to start with I suddenly got really into it and quickly finished it whilst dinner was cooking. Next I'm going to read 'The Godmothers'. 

Well that's it really. I'm going to settle down shortly with my book and a glass of wine and see what's on TV worth watching.  I hope the weather is kind over the Bank Holiday weekend so that we can have a couple of nice walks and relax in the garden.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

 We had a really good weekend with my Sister and her Husband visiting. The weather was good and they really liked the campsite they were staying on. On Sunday we met them over in Dawlish and had a walk all along the front to Coryton Cove.  There were a few brave souls in the sea but most people were just out walking and enjoying the sunshine. We came back to the town and got ice creams and sat in the park. We said our goodbyes around 4 as it's a 2 hour drive home for them and they had work yesterday.


 Today is my Brother in Laws 60th Birthday so Happy Birthday Andy.

The last couple of days it's been nice to have the house to myself and have a really good tidy up. Loads of washing and ironing has been done, floors washed, a couple of cupboards sorted, a food shop done and I have starting sorting through bags of clothes for the girls, which were in the garage, packing away some winter stuff and sorting through summer clothes.  Daughter L doesn't get much in the way of new clothing as there are just so many hand me downs. In fact, there is more than she can possibly wear so I need to go through it all and give some to the charity shop.

I am still reading a couple of books a week.  The Authenticity Project was very good - the Louise Penny was a bit slow to start but is just getting going. I have read a few of her more recent books but this one is the first she ever wrote. Well that's it for now.


Saturday, April 24, 2021

 We are having a lovely few days with my Sister and Brother in Law visiting.  They are staying in at a caravan park in Shaldon which is just over the estuary from us.  Last night we had a very chilly BBQ but it was nice to catch up and have adult company and I do think that this summer a lot of people will entertain in their gardens as opposed to meeting in pubs etc.

Today we took them over to Parke, our local National Trust grounds, for a walk.  It was sunny this afternoon and a lot warmer so it was really pleasant walking along by the river, and not too busy. They, for some reason, had never been there before so it was nice for them to discover somewhere new.  We walked all along the old tramway into the town of Bovey Tracey where the girls got an ice cream and we had coffees sat at a picnic table alongside the river.  It was a really nice way to pass a couple of hours and afterwards they came back and sat in our garden.

Tomorrow we are going to meet them in Dawlish for a walk along the beach and probably around the town before they set off for home.

 Well it's been a very days since i've posted but to be honest, now that the girls are all back at school, life is pretty mundane.  ...