Wednesday, June 30, 2021

 I'm afraid there aren't the most exciting photos with this post as I keep forgetting to take any! I'll go out somewhere and then afterwards I'll think I should have taken a photo.

Anyway, Monday S and I went into Newton Abbot to get a few bits for her gathering Friday evening, from Poundland. We also had a coffee and a toasted teacake in Coffee 1 which was very nice.

We have had a few days of car repairs - mine was in the garage Monday having a new wheel bearing and Hubby's has been in these last two days having a full service and new brakes pads and shoes so we are now a few hundred pounds lighter. Neither of us has fancy cars, it's not our thing, but hopefully that's it for another year.

Our village has been in chaos the last couple of days as they have been resurfacing several major roads. At times traffic has been gridlocked and the pavements have been mucky with bits of tarmac to dodge! It's at times like these that I am glad that we moved down into the centre of the village and I can walk everywhere. 

Yesterday I worked and in the evening K had Guides on zoom. Unfortunately, her Guide group is one of the few in our area that decided not to resume face to face meetings after Easter. It's a shame with the nice weather and long evenings that they haven't been able to do outside meets. This week they made a bee hotel which is already sat in one of our trees. At the beginning of May they planted wild flower seeds and sunflower seeds and they are coming on nicely.

Today has been a quiet day.  Hubby needed to go into the Office so had to use my car so after steaming all the floors and doing the ironing I sat in the garden with my book and I must confess at one point I had a little snooze! My sleep hasn't been the best the last couple of nights so I needed it, or at least that's my excuse!

Well not the most exciting writing but the weekdays are pretty ordinary now we're back in our usual routine. 


  1. I think some of my sunflowers might bloom next week, I haven't grown any for years and I'm very excited! xxx

    1. Our track record with sunflowers is dire and then a couple of years ago I had one that grew to about 6ft! I was so chuffed I took a photo. I don't know that this years will be so successful.

  2. I feel your car money sucking pain! One of my daughters wants to join Guides, as the local one seem to do a lot of campfires, toasted marshmallows and games of rounders. This humidity has sent my sleep a bit squiffy, but the pressure seems to have broken today. Take care, Lulu x


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