Monday, July 26, 2021

These first few days of the school holidays have flown by.

On Friday we were over in Torquay for when the uniform shop opened. You are still not allowed to try anything on so I took her current sizes and asked for the next size up. Well, when we got it all home only the blazer and PE top fit. The rest all needs to be another size up so that needs another trip over there when I've got a moment. Afterwards we went to Meadfoot beach and spent the rest of the day swimming and lazing in the sunshine, which thankfully was cooler than the previous few days.

It got very windy for a few hours late Friday evening and we had some rain but not the thunder storms that were forecast. It was damp first thing Saturday so we went into Newton Abbot in the morning to collect some reserved books from the library and run some other errands. By the time we left late morning it was getting very warm and humid. After lunch L and I pottered in the garden doing some tidying up and then we went over to Teignmouth for a nice walk along the seafront.

Sunday was a quiet day, the older girls had their own plans, K went to Torquay on the train with some friends so L and I walked to the park with the tennis rackets and had a bit of a knockabout and she had a tub of ice cream from Crew Coffee our mobile coffee van.

Today, the forecast was sunny in the morning changing to thunderstorms by the afternoon so we were out and on Teignmouth beach by 10 am and it was lovely. I read my book while the girls spent ages swimming in the sea. We left around 1 and came home and had lunch sat in the garden. I then got on with some chores until late afternoon when L had gymnastics.

S is working in our village Hotel this evening. I am working tomorrow, as is  S  doing a split shift and D is in the village hairdressers all day so we will all have to be up and at it tomorrow. Hubby will be left with K and L to entertain. We shall need a prompt dinner tomorrow as K is doing a trial with Newton Abbot Athletics Club at 6.30 and they use a playing field the far side of the town. It's always go go go here!.


  1. It sounds like you're enjoying the holidays. It's just a shame we have to spend some time preparing for the new school year.
    Good luck K! X

    1. I am really enjoying the holidays but I like to get uniform, shoes etc sorted early so I can relax!


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