Thursday, July 22, 2021

 Well Monday was lovely and sunny so Daughter S and I decided to drive up to Exeter to our nearest Waitrose. We used to have a branch in Teignmouth and Torquay but they were both closed a couple of years ago due to them not being viable. Too many basket shoppers as opposed to people doing their full shop. I love having a look around Waitrose as it is always so nicely laid out and there is always an interesting entrance display. For someone who does their weekly shop in Aldi, however, the price of some of their products are eye watering. I only usually buy a few things that are on offer but I like their free magazine and weekly newspaper. We also had a coffee in the cafe. Afterwards we had a quick wander around Next and TK Max but nothing took our fancy.

Tuesday I worked, which is still enjoyable.

Wednesday morning I called for a friend who I used to work with. We walked down to our village park and got coffees from the mobile van, and sat on a seat under a tree as it was so so hot already. In fact we had so much to talk about we had two coffees! K finished school so she got the train over to Teignmouth from school, rather than catching the school bus, with some friends, and went to the beach for a couple of hours. D's actual last day landed up being Monday as they have an outbreak of Covid classes in year 10 and the 6th form so I didn't want to take any risk of her catching it. She only had photography lessons this week so has been able to do the work at home. She has also spent most of this week at the beach either with friends or her boyfriend.

Today, was L's last day at school so we picked her up at 3.15 and then went over to Teignmouth to the beach. Unfortunately, there was a lot of seaweed floating about which initially put L in a bit of a mood but once we persuaded her to go in she was fine. We managed just over an hour but we were getting close to high tide and the stretch of sand was getting smaller by the minute. We rounded off with ice creams from one of the kiosks on the seafront.. 

I am looking forward to a bit of a lie in tomorrow and then I need to be in Torquay for 10.00 when the uniform shop opens to get K a full set of uniform and PE kit. She has been wearing the current set for two years and its all too small and worn out  now. I shall need to brace myself to part with a couple of hundred pounds - ouch! Afterwards we shall go to Meadfoot beach for the rest of the day with the paddleboard and a picnic.

As for the weekend, it will be weather dependant, as I think we are due some rain. 


  1. I must admit, I can understand L's reluctance to get in the water. I don't like seaweed (or any kind of weed for that matter) brushing against my legs.
    I've clearly led a sheltered life, as I've never set foot in a branch of Waitrose :) X

    1. Well I had my swimsuit on under my clothes but the seaweed put me right off so it was just a little paddle!
      Waitrose is lovely for a wander around but I always find myself comparing the prices with Aldi. Mind you there are always lots of retired folk with trolleys piled high, money no object.

  2. Snap! I'm with Jules, I've never set foot in a Waitrose either!
    Have a lovely weekend, whatever the weather! xxx

    1. I only have a wander around Waitrose a few times a year just to see how the other half live!
      We have been to the beach again today and thankfully no seaweed to upset L and it was a bit cooler x

  3. Ice creams from the kiosk by the beach - does life get any better?! Hope you escape the thunderstorms. 🙂

    1. We've had rain and its been very windy but no thunderstorms. The suns out now and it's very humid.
      An ice-cream, or in my case a coffee, sat on the beach is bliss x

  4. What's wrong with a bit of tangley, slimey seaweed eh!?... good tonic for the joints ;) I've never shopped at Waitrose but Monsieur used to marvel at the 'quick wine chilling facilities' when he lived by one. Sounds like you are all making the most of this glorious weather (they lied about the thunderstorms!). Lulu x

    1. Yes, no thunderstorms here, was just very windy for a few hours Friday night and we had some rain but by Saturday afternoon it was hot again! We'll be back on the beach again tomorrow, fingers crossed the seaweed will have vanished x

  5. Oh, how I miss the Torquay branch of Waitrose, Emma, it was lovely and I think even nicer than the Teignmouth branch even though it didn't have a cafe. It was light and airy, and the staff were always so helpful and it always looked so clean. When it closed and we went to another supermarket (no names) it simply looked scruffy and the staff had a couldn't care less attitude. I now shop online with Waitose, and also buy some things from the Co-op a they have excellent produce.
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