Sunday, June 20, 2021

 Oh my goodness, another week has gone in a flash!

Four more weeks of school and then hopefully I can settle back into a slower pace of life again. It really is such a shock to be back so busy. This week has been taken up by the usual work, after school clubs and domestic stuff. Hubby and I have managed a couple of trips out for coffee together. Both times, as the weather was so nice, we got take away coffees and sat in a lovely park with them. With the girls at school and hubby working mainly from home it's lovely to snatch an hour here and there to just be a couple. "Like when you were courting" as my Mother-in-Law said yesterday when we were chatting to her!.

I took a photo of my succulents earlier in the week. I have moved them to outside the back door as they are so lovely at the moment. They all came back from a trip to Cornwall last summer. There was an honesty stall outside Porthcurno Museum so a couple came from there and a couple came from a box outside someones house, again with an honesty box.  They have really grown and multiplied.  I came back with two new ones at half term from St Michaels Mount and they are also in pots outside my back door.

Still busy reading. The Adele Parks book was really good with a few twists in the storyline. The Robert Galbraith book I am about to start - it is a mighty tome coming in at 927 pages. It is going to be far too big and heavy to read in a bed and by the size of the book I'm guessing it will have an involved plot so I hope I can keep up with it! That is the final library book on the pile so I shall then start on my big pile of books bought last summer from amazon and various charity shops. I reckon that will keep me going till Christmas.


This weekend we have been up to Wiltshire to see my Dad for Fathers Day.  We have had a lovely couple of days but very tiring. As we both come from the same town we have a lot of family to try and fit in to seeing on visits let alone friends. The traffic was very busy travelling up but we got to my Dads for lunch and had a pleasant couple of hours catching up. We then left him to his sport and went and collected Hubby's Mum for a couple of hours mooching around the charity shops and having a coffee out. Although Hubby's Mum is 76 she is as fit as a flea and is always up for a trip out somewhere. We dropped her home and then got fish and chips to eat with my Dad.  I will be glad when the last restrictions are lifted and hopefully the rule of 6 will go and we can take my Dad out for dinner. We had a couple of games of scrabble, which is K and L's favourite thing to play when we visit, before we went off to our Premier Inn room.

This morning we had a walk around the town, and came across this family of swans in the river at the Town bridge. We then went up to my Dad's and carried on with our planned barbecue even though the weather was pretty dull and miserable. Hubby cooked us a lovely lunch and there were enough leftovers for my Dad to have for his dinner tomorrow night. We said goodbye to him about three and went up to Hubby's Mum's house for a couple of hours where my Sister-in-Law and Husband joined us so it really has been a busy weekend catching up with everyone.  We are home, exhausted but it has been lovely to see everyone. 



  1. I love your houseleeks! Some of mine have developed huge spike this week, too. xxx

    1. Glad you know what they're called - I know the names of very few plants!


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